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Print Day in May: Demonstrations with Riverside Print Group

May 1, from 10am
Live Q&A 3:30-4pm

New this Year! Members of the Riverside Print Group will be giving online demos and talks throughout the day. Riverside Print Group is celebrating their 15 year anniversary and Button Factory Arts Print Studio is celebrating 10 years serving the print community!

Schedule of Events (pre-recorded, posted at 10am):


Kari Mullin will demonstrate an easy to do at home monotype, using cut papers shapes, plexiglass, ink and a wooden spoon.

Donna Stewart will demonstrate polyester plate and (copier) paper plate lithography, with and without a press.

The possibilities will inspire you! 

Laura Perrin-Yost will be demonstrating drypoint with chine colle. 


Ginny Carnevale will take us through the basics of Linocut Relief Printing. Which tools are needed, how to carve a plate and will demonstrate printing a plate without the use of a press! 

Please note, these demonstrations are not for public distribution, they have been kindly provided by the Riverside Print Group and Button Factory Arts for free personal and educational use on Print Day in May, 2021.

Connect here for the Q&A with Riverside Print Group (3:30-4pm) & PRESS Opening (4-5pm):

Riverside Print Group_logo_high_res.jpg

Kari Mullin: Monotype

Donna Stewart: Lithography

Laura Perrin-Yost: Drypoint with Chine Colle

Ginny Carnevale: Linocut Relief Printing

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