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BFA Outreach Exhibition

May 11 - May 28, 2018

This exhibition presents artwork created during the Button Factory Arts Outreach Program by community members of SASC, YMCA Newcomer Women and Youth, and The Working Centre’s Green Door Art Space. Button Factory Arts has connected participants with artists and art therapists to create powerful individual and collaborative projects that resonate with each community’s unique interests and aspirations.

The work presents a space to reflect on themes of self empowerment and identity, considering ways in which personal stories can be shared, expressed, and even re-written. Through this exhibition we would like to celebrate the power that art has in our community to embrace diversity, facilitate healing, explore personal journeys, and promote understanding. This program offers equal voice and opportunity to all participants in the hope of fulfilling a true sense of belonging, while nurturing creative expression within our community.

Thank you to the Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation for their crucial funding which has made this program possible.

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