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Mother Complex

July 9 - 30, 2021

Curator: Pira Urosevic​ 


Artists: Natalie Baldeon, Linda Brine, Samantha Gullekson, Anne Jackson, Kathleen Kelly, Tania Klimasko-Hoffman, Lynn Krueger, Katherine A. Laird, Ama Liyanage, Jen McGowan, Catherine Mellinger, Becky Ostil (Thompson), Caroline Simpson, Noella Upitis 

Artists and writers were invited to look beyond the platitudes of simplistic sentimentality to consider entrenched social assumptions, expectations and unvoiced feelings that exist as part of our widely-varied experiences with mothers and the state of motherhood. The subjects ranged from our creation mythologies to corporate policies, and no one exhibition can hope to showcase the full scope of the Mother Complex. 


The artists featured in this show represent a broad spectrum of ages, and work in a wide range of mediums. They have all stepped forward to share personal experiences and deep-felt emotions regarding a subject that can be joyous, painful, frustrating and/ or complicated. 

This exhibition contains images and texts that some viewers may find offensive and/or traumatizing. Button Factory Arts strives to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and sensitivity.

Featured Image: Mommy Mouth, Jen Mcgowan

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