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PRESS: Annual Juried Printmaking Exhibition

May 1 - June 4, 2021​

This exhibition was fully online for 2021. Original work in print from members of the printmaking community were showcased at this Annual Juried Exhibition.

Juror: Ginny Carnevale

Ginny Carnevale is a Fine Arts graduate from the University of Guelph. She has been printmaking and exhibiting her work for over 25 years. Her printmaking process is inspired by patterns and light from both natural and constructed elements. Using a variety of printmaking mediums including relief, intaglio, and monotype, she reflects on the world around her. Ginny's work can be found in private collections in Canada, the United States, Australia and England. She is an active member of the Riverside Print Group. 

Artists: Robert Achtemichuk, Susan Cresswell, Karen Fletcher, Elizabeth Forrest, Sarah Galarneau, Jesika Joy, Kathleen Kelly, Ama Liyanage, Kristine MacGregor, Kari Mullin, Jazlin Nicholas, Nancy Peng, Laura Perrin, Jim Reed, Paula Rostrup, Kate Short, Donna Stewart, Jessica Stocks, Terry Torra, Pira Urosevic 


Lions Head Lighthouse, Kristine MacGregor - Expert use of Printmaking Technique

Flying Tiger, Donna Stewart - Highest Technical Achievement

Boro Boro, Nancy Peng - Unique Presentation

Honourable Mentions:

Hemingway’s Vernanda, Key West, Kathi Kelly

Seed Tunnel, Sarah Galarneau

Into the Woods, Susan Cresswell

Risky Behaviour, Elizabeth Forrest

Featured Image: Boro Boro, Nancy Peng

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