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Registration has closed, but there are some time slots available! If you are interested in performing, please email Meghan Bunce (

September 23rd, 6-11pm

Artist/performers: age 7-19

Attendees: all ages welcome!

Are you passionate about video games or an anime/TV series, like Mario, Zelda, Minecraft, Roblox, Pokemon, Star Wars, Marvel, One Piece, Demon Slayer or Jojo's Bizarre Adventure?  Do you create your own work based on your favourite series? The Fantastic Festival for Fan Art and Music is just for you!


Come share your creations with other young people just like you. We welcome orginal video games, animations, video submissions, paintings, drawings, textiles or sculpture, graphic novels or literature, and live or recorded musical performances. You can even come wearing your own costume and show off your favourite character!


While performers and artists must be between the ages of 7 and 19,  all ages are welcome to attend and support young creators!

Don't make your own fan art? You can come and take part in a workshop in our program space!  Make & Take an LED badge with Agnes of Mindful Makers, and fill it with doodles of your favourite Fan Art characters!

The Fantastic Festival of Fan Art and Music is part of Waterloo's Lumen 2023 festival lineup. Click here for more information about Lumen! 

Register as an Artist or Performer

Important Participant Information - PLEASE READ BEFORE REGISTERING

  • Participation registration closes September 16th.

  • Button Factory Arts will provide a projector and screen for all video submissions, cueing and playing submissions between live performance sets.

  • Original Video Game presenters must bring a device with a charger on which their game can be demonstrated or played.  We suggest that the creator or a friend stays with that device throughout the evening.

  • If you are submitting visual art for display only, all works must be received by 4pm on Wednesday, September 20th. The creator's full name and contact info must be attached to the back of their work. 

  • Anyone selling their work must be present at their vendor table. Button Factory Arts is not responsible for stolen work. 

  • We recognize that some games and series contain mature content. We ask that all participants select content that is appropriate for all ages during the event.

For questions or more information please contact Meghan Bunce via email -

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