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paula rostrup: 

a passion for print

June 30 - July 23, 2022
Opening: Thurs. June 30, 5-7pm 

The artist will be present at the opening, and in addition on Sat. July 9, 11am-2pm for visiting and casual Q&A.

Paula Rostrup is a printmaker living and working in Waterloo, Ontario. A Passion for Print is an exhibition exploring the artist's deep connection with the medium through a solo exhibition.

Paula describes her relationship and love of printmaking and how the medium becomes a tool to more deeply connect with the world around her.

It provides the artist with a wealth of experiences and challenges and enhances her ability to express  emotional responses to both natural and built environments in a visual medium. Her love of print is further illustrated by the large variety of techniques and applications showcased in this exhibition.

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Jesika Joy:

Contested Selves

July 28 - August 18, 2022

July 28, 5-7pm (artist talk: 6-7pm)

Contested Selves explores the conflicted relationships we have with ourselves and the ways that this most important relationship is mediated by the political environments within which we exist and evolve.


Jesika Joy is a multimedia artist whose work is about subjectivity, sexuality, spirituality, and political justice. She has performed and exhibited her videos across Canada and internationally. She holds a PhD in social and political thought from York University and teaches at Wilfrid Laurier University.


Artist Talk: Feminist Body Art

July 28, 6-7 pm


This talk explores the history and politics of feminist body art. Feminist body artists use their own bodies to make art that resists sexist representations of female and non-binary subjects. By foregrounding the specificity of their gendered and racialized embodiment, they expose art historical exclusions while calling forth new modes of artistic being. The presenter discusses her own body art practice and draws connections to the feminist politics on display in her concurrent show Contested Selves.