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Natural Beauty, Light & Shadows

Feb. 23 - Mar. 24, 2018

Photography is the art of seeing light and shadows, colours, textures, and form. Seeing through the lens, Jonathan and Adrienne enjoy capturing the natural beauty around us, from super moon to a solar eclipse, from songbirds to raptors, from wild thistle to garden hybrids, from desert to waterfalls, and from winter to spring.

Studying the interaction of light and shadows Jonathan has created artful portrayals of music instruments. Adrienne’s shooting techniques and interpretive post-processing enables her to create abstract images and generate fresh perspective on common subjects such as daisies and petunias. Her abstract image, Psychedelic, is shot outdoors, capturing the light, shadows, colour and magic of the surrounding.

Photographic works of Adrienne Zoe & Jonathan Sau

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