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PRESs: Printmaking

May 6th, 2023, 10:00am - 5:00 pm
(Submissions due April 29th)

Button Factory Arts is inviting visual artists and writers to present their original works for sale during our annual Printmaking Exhibition. Artworks will be displayed between May 6th and 25th, 2023.

The door is open to submissions in all forms of original print. You do not need to be a member to submit work. Awards will be presented in various print genres.


  • Submissions should be dropped off at Button Factory Arts on April 29th between 10:00-2:30

  • This is the annual Printmaking Exhibition. All works must include some form of original print technique to be accepted.

  • All work must be original in concept and content.

  • All work must be for sale.

  • The Button Factory Arts takes 40% commission on sales.

  • Each piece must be properly and safely equipped to suit The Button Factory Arts' hanging system, wired and ready to hang.

  • Entrants are encouraged to use simple framing.

  • Only work not previously shown by The Button Factory Arts will be accepted.

  • The artist must firmly attach ONE label to the BACK of their work indicating name, title, medium and price. Do not label the front side for jurying purposes.

  • Work that does not meet the criteria will not be accepted for entry.

  • All work left 60 days beyond pick-up date become the property of Button Factory Arts.


talkin' 'bout god (2 Ladies).jpg

talking 'bout god (detail)


  • 1 piece of artwork - $20

  • 2 pieces of artwork - $25

  • 3 pieces of artwork - $30

Print Fair

If you are interested in showcasing your work, tables are $25 each.
Questions? Email Heather Franklin at


Call for Entry for Artisans

DEADLINE: May 4th 2023

On May 6th Button Factory Arts will be celebrating all things printmaking! 

Our downstairs gallery will showcase local artist and their skill in a juried exhibition while our upstairs space is open to all original printmakers, zine makers, bookbinders, paper makers, calligraphers, card makers, tool makers, artisans who create journals and hand-made books who wish to showcase and sell their work! 

About the Juror: Robert Creighton

Robert Creighton studied at Humber College, and then received an Hons. B.A. from McMaster University, as well as an M.F.A from the Edinburgh College of Art. An accomplished printmaker, his work has been exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally including the Royal Cambrian Academy International Exhibition, Wales; the Litho-Kielce International Lithography Competition, Poland (Purchase Award); and the Royal Scottish Academy Annual Exhibition, Scotland (Prize for Printmaking). His body of work includes etching, woodcut, and lithography, and is characterized by a representational expressionist style often exploring the figure, and our human relationship to the environment.


My works are personal reflections/reactions to our environments. Whether the initial impetus is physical, emotional, spiritual and/or mythical, they are all informed by my observations and beliefs. The works are poems/hymns about how we, (as a species), have lost our innate connection with the natural world and how that loss has affected our existence and our relationship with our environment, ourselves and the spiritual.

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