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Featured Image: She Past, Ryan Price


February 15th-March 1st, 2019

An annual juried exhibition of original works in print. The Press Show celebrates the art of 
printmaking and our community of printmakers.

Juror: Ryan Price

As a printmaker and illustrator, having spent years developing his craft, Price brings to bear considerable skill and imagination to his work. Through intuitive and always fascinating explorations of the eclectic oddities, he considers what it is that makes "us" what we are.

2019 Awards:

Best Print: Elizabeth Forrest

Honourable Mention: Ginny Carnevale

Honourable Mention: Karen Louise Fletcher

Elizabeth Forrest, The Reflective Unconcious

Elizabeth Forrest, The Reflective Unconscious

Mokuhanga, Screenprint

Ginny Carnevale, Shaded Path

Ginny Carnevale, Shaded Path


Sea Urchin (1).JPG
Kelp (1).JPG

Karen Fletcher, Untitled 1, Untitled 2 


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