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Programs happening onsite, and indoors in the studio or second floor space at Button Factory Arts. 

Featured image: Left Hand, Robert Achtemichuk 

Please view the full Healthy & Safety section of our website here before visiting our space.


20-300: Still Life drawing | elisa franceschini

Tuesdays, Sept. 22 - Oct. 27, 7-9pm (6 weeks) | $123 members / $145 non-members

Adult Program (Age 16+) 

This Still Life drawing course teaches you how to look at a common objects and how to see them like an artist, with attention to shape, proportions, tone, colour, texture, and composition. Drawing by observation, you will connect your eye and hand. Discover how to represent common daily objects like a cup, a bottle of wine, some fruit, flowers or an old armchair into a piece of art. Inspiration will be taken from classical drawing style like those of  Van Gogh and Cézanne with the focus on “Drawing what you SEE, not what you think you see”.

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View supply List here.


20-301: Self Portraiture: Gouache & Watercolour Basics | Robert achtemichuk

Thursdays, Nov. 12 - Dec. 17, 2-4pm (6 weeks) | $123 members / $145 non-members

Adult Program (Age 16+) 

An educated imagination (a concept derived from writings of Northrop Frye) and the figure will be your starting point in this class where you can choose to paint in both gouache and/or watercolour. Learn the basics of painting in gouache and develop techniques in this unique medium exploring opaque and transparent layering. Add watercolour, or make it your medium of choice with small integrations of gouache. This class is taught to enjoy the wonder of colour mixing and painting.  Experimentation will be encouraged. You might be asked to be brave. The projects will involve self-portraiture through the study of your hands, your feet, your observation and reflections of them. This course is inspired by your instructor's own artistic practice. View more of Robert Achtemichuck's work with the figure here: robertachtemichuk.ca/gallery/selfie 

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View supply list here.


20-302: fused glass

Friday, Sept. 25, 1-3pm | $47 members / $55 non-members 

Adult Program (Age 16+)

Learn fused glass techniques to make beautiful multicoloured glassworks! Create one large form or two small-medium forms including a candy dish, a wallhanging or soap dish etc.  Great for gifts or for making a special piece for yourself! Create extra works small like pendants or pins for $7 (cash) each.

Class Registration is now full.

All materials and kiln firing included.


20-303: Watercolour explorations | nancy peng

Tuesdays, Sept. 29 - Nov. 3, 1:30-3:30pm (6 weeks) | $123 members / $145 non-members 

Adult Program (Age 16+)

Learn the basics of painting with watercolours and strengthen your techniques. Explore using inks and acrylics with watercolours to build depth.  Add mixed media watercolour pencils and crayons as well as pastels.  Suitable for beginner or intermediate painters. 

Class Registration is now full.

View supply list here.


20-304: Embroidery workshop | tait wilman

Saturday, Oct. 3, 11am-2pm | $30 members / $35 non-members  

Adult Program (Age 16+)

For beginners and those who would love to learn more about embroidery. You will learn the traditional stitches, knots and techniques to create patches, or an embroidery hoop wall art piece to demonstrate your newly learned skills. Explore colour stories and how to integrate text. The world of embroidery will be your oyster! Material list available soon.

Register online here.

View supply list here.


20-305: printmaking workshop | robert creighton

Friday, Oct. 9, 11-5pm | $82 members / $97 non-members 

Adult Program (Age 16+)

Make any print look great! The technique of Chine Colle is a well established yet under appreciated
technique used in all forms of printmaking. Using Chine Colle as a quick fix for a less than inspiring print to using multiple colours, layers and shapes when printing, this workshop will explore the wide variety of effects that this technique encompasses. 

All supplies included. Bring reference images to work from as well as tools if you have them and any materials you may want to experience with for Chine Colle.

Class Registration is now full.



Saturdays, Oct. 17 - Nov. 28 (no class Nov. 21), 1-4pm (6 weeks)  

$161 members / $190 non-members  | Adult Program (Age 16+)

Through exercises in the body, workshops will emphasize performance art as an exploratory space for artists, poets, writers and others to concentrate image, feeling, imagination and improvisation in their creative process. We will discuss works from a range of disciplines including music and sound, dance, film, performance, and literature. Artists and writers from all disciplines and levels of experience are encouraged to participate; we will be performing regularly for each other in a supportive environment. Participants are asked to keep a notebook for writing exercises and taking notes. 

(Class previously listed as "Writing as Performance")
Register online here.


20-307:Styrofoam & paper pulp sculpture | tait wilman

Saturday, Oct. 17 & 24, 11am-3pm | $98 members / $115 non-members 

Adult Program (Age 16+)

Over a two-day workshop you will experiment and explore a contemporary form of sculpture making. Using Styrofoam and papier mâché we will create fun sculptural objects which transform everyday materials into amazing sculptural pieces using simple tools and processes. 


Day 1: Let’s get messy! We will begin by getting familiar with the materials. We will use exacto knives, sandpaper, Styrofoam, and glue. Beginning with some idea generation and sketches, we will then take sketches into three-dimensional fabrication. We will also play with integrating recycled materials. Create styrofoam shapes and have them papier mâchéd or paper pulped.


Day 2: Once the papier mâché is dry we will explore finishing techniques and accompanying sculptures. Sanding the paper mâché creates a smooth finish for applying paint. Let’s bring your ideas into completed sculptural objects and add colour!

Some materials included.

View supply list here.


20-308: 55+ Seniors workshop: Gouache or WaterColour Basics | robert achtemichuk

Thursday, Nov. 5, 2-4pm | $21 members / $25 non-members 

Seniors Program (Age 55+)

Learn the basics of painting in gouache and develop techniques in this unique medium exploring opaque and transparent layering. This class is taught to enjoy the wonder of colour mixing and
painting.  Experimentation will be encouraged. You might be asked to be brave. The projects will involve self-portraiture through the study of your hands, your feet, your learning and reflections of them. 

Register online here.

View supply list here.


20-309: fused glass for seniors (55+)

Friday, Nov. 13, 1-3pm | $25 members / $30 non-members 

Seniors Program (Age 55+)

Learn fused glass techniques to make beautiful multicoloured glassworks! Create two small forms 

including a pendant or pin. Great for gifts or for making a special piece for yourself! Create extra small works for $7 each. All materials and kiln firing included.

Register online here.


20-310: Mischievous painting | lauren prousky

Saturday, Nov. 14, 11am-2pm | $47 members / $55 non-members 

Adult Program (Age 16+)

Experiment with new materials, techniques and process in paint at this one of a kind workshop. Akin to a still life structure, this workshop has a twist! Participants will begin by painting objects in front of them. Then, when you least expect it, the instructor will provide directives or materials to be used in the painting, shifting the course of your work.  You will come away from this workshop understanding that introducing a playfulness to your painting practice does not negate the seriousness or credibility of your work. Rather, play and experimentation are essential to opening you up to more possibilities and exciting outcomes. Loosen up your strokes and integrate PLAY into your artistic process. The results might surprise you!

View supply list here.

Register online here.


20-311: List poems | Lauren prousky

Saturday, Nov. 28, 11am-2pm | $30 members / $35 non-members 

Adult Program (Age 16+)

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  2. Write List Poems

  3. Become a poet 

Are you a list maker? Is your phone full of memos containing groceries to get, movies to watch, and chores to do? This creative writing workshop takes the familiar structure of the list and uses it as the framework for constructing meaningful and insightful prose-poetry. List making is a useful tool to assemble our thoughts. They help us communicate efficiently and get us through our busy days. During this workshop we will harness the familiarity of the list and use it to create poems that push the boundaries of what it means to collect an inventory of objects, tasks and ideas.   

Please just bring a notebook, or some paper and a pen.

Register online here.

These programs that will be happening outdoors at the art centre or centralized in very close walking distance to the art centre.

Please view the full Healthy & Safety section of our website here before visiting our space.


20-312: papermaking workshop | robert creighton

Friday, Sept. 18, 11am-5pm | $82 members / $97 non-members 

A one day intensive workshop to learn how to form your own personal sheets of paper. The participants will create their own personalized deckle molds which they'll use to make sheets of paper. They will then work through the process of making paper pulp, using a hydro-beater, from scraps of old paper and cotton linters, to the art of forming their own unique sheets of paper. The finished paper can be used as a carrier for your future work or be bound in book form or even considered a piece of art in itself. All materials included.


20-313: urban sketching | heather franklin

Thursdays, Oct. 1 - Nov. 5, 1-3pm (6 weeks) | $123 members / $145 non-members 

Adult Program (Age 16+)

Discover Uptown Waterloo outdoors with your sketchbook. Learn how to experience your neighbourhood through drawing street scenes, cafes, gardens and people, transit, alleyways and doorways. We will explore with a variety of media; markers, pen and ink, ballpoint pen, and coloured pencils. Various drawing techniques will be learned each week from simple mark making to creating a style of your own.

Register online here.

View supply list here.

Paper Craft


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You can participate in these classes purely online from the comfort of your home via Zoom group!

Featured image: paintings by Carly Leyburne

Please view the full Healthy & Safety section of our website here before visiting our space.


20-315: Contemporary art / youth 8-12 | Meghan bunce

Thursdays, Oct. 22 - Nov. 26, 4-5pm (6 weeks) | $60 members / $70 non-members 

Youth Program (age 8-12) 

Upcycle vintage art by adding monsters or aliens. Pay tribute to your favourite food by making a sculpture. Present your own crazy lip sync performance art. Find the intersections of street art and galleries in Contemporary Art for Youth. This course will introduce students to a variety of artists and art forms of our time. This course is great for students learning from home and offers wonderful enrichment afterschool for those attending physical classes this fall. All materials are included and will be available by curbside pick-up.

Register online here.


20-316: floral watercolour workshop

carly leyburne

Thursday, Sept. 24, 6-8pm | $21 members / $25 non-members

Adult Program (Age 16+)

Loosen up with this fun and relaxing floral watercolour workshop! This class is perfect for beginner or intermediate watercolourists looking to learn the basics of loose floral watercolours.  In this online workshop, you will be guided through how to use your watercolour paints with confidence, how to create flowing flowering shapes with your brush, and how to use colour to express yourself artistically.  Can't wait to see you there!

Class Registration is now full.

View supply list here.


20-317: Music bits for kids age 5-8 | Meghan bunce

Mondays, Sept. 28 - Nov. 23, 10-10:30am (no class Oct. 12) (8 weeks)

$51 members / $60 non-members 

Kids Program (Age 5-8)

Did you know sound has "colour"?  Or that music can tell a story? Learn about all the elements of music and more in an eight week, interactive online class. No fancy materials needed! You can join in from anywhere! Perfect for Mom, Dad or Grandparent time. Ideal for kids taking school online or learning in a small pod. We will be building our own instruments, dancing, drawing and making up silly songs. You do not need any musical experience to enjoy this class.

Register online here.


20-318: Music 101: Mature learners (55+) | Meghan bunce

Mondays, Sept. 28 - Nov. 23, 11am-12:30pm (no class Oct. 12) (8 weeks) 

$123 members / $145 non-members 

Seniors Program (Age 55+)

Why do some groups have a conductor and others don't? What is that, "bigger violin"? How is it I can always recognize a song by a certain band or composer?  Why do some songs get stuck in my head and others don't? Come to our intimate virtual music class.  We will unpack the mysteries of music together in an interactive Zoom session. We will listen together and discuss a wide range of musical pieces and styles.  No musical experience or knowledge required! No performing required! The only thing needed is open ears! 

Register online here.


20-319: Seniors Beginner Embroidery Workshop (55+)

Carly Leyburne

Thursday, Oct. 8, 10am-12pm | $21 members / $25 non-members

Seniors Program (Age 55+)

In this workshop, we will be learning the basics of embroidery to create beautiful and unique floral designs. This class is perfect for anyone looking to begin learning or re-learning embroidery for fun, relaxation, and self-expression! In this online workshop, you will be guided through whole process step-by-step from learning about materials, how to draw a simple pattern, and all the stitches you need to create your embroidered artwork.
View supply list here.

Register online here.


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It is a place where folks stop by to talk, where connections are made, where impromptu inspiration and discussions take place. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are aiming to supplement in person activity with opportunities to connect online. 


The Button Factory Arts Community Board is meant to be an open platform for artists, Button Factory Arts members, and the public to engage. New to fibre arts are creating a new weaving project you want comments on? Post it here! Found a cool opportunity that will help to support artists in your community?

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Online clubs

our groups and clubs are not just for members right now...

Normally these programs are only available to our members. We understand that this is a difficult time for people, and would like to make our programs available to as many people as possible. So, for the time being, we are hosting our groups and clubs online, and opening an invitation to the general public. 

If you can financially afford to become a member, or to make a donation, your contribution can help us immensely.

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Button Factory Arts Sketch Club is an open invitation for artists working across numerous mediums, to meet weekly to practice the art of ‘observation’ and their drawing skills. During COVID-19 closures, you can participate online, for free:


An informal weekly gathering of all levels of stitching enthusiasts, during which individuals can work on a current project or begin new ones in a supportive and relaxed environment. During COVID-19 closures, you can participate online, for free: here

IMG-4752 (1).jpg

Art can be the anchor that keeps us grounded throughout the dark waters of uncertainty. As this pandemic unfolds, it’s becoming clear how much more support we need for our mental and emotional wellbeing! Join us for a community that is centred around healing, positivity, emotional support and of course, art-making.

This group is facilitated by Carly Leyburne, an art therapist and teacher at Button Factory Arts. Carly specializes in watercolour and textile arts such as embroidery, felting, and slow stitching, but she is also a dabbler in most art mediums. During the course of this group, Carly will offer videos and posts with guided art projects, meditations, and affirmations that you can follow along with. You are also invited to post your own ideas about how to use art as medicine!

Though this group is meant to be therapeutic, it is not therapy. If you are looking for support from a licensed therapist, and not sure where to start, please feel free to contact Carly at cleyburne@gmail.com for recommendations. If you or someone you know in the Waterloo Region is in crisis, please call "Here" 24/7 for support at 1-844-437-3257 (HERE247). If it is an emergency, please call 911 or visit your nearest hospital.

We would like to offer a huge thank you to the

Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation

for funding this program.

Participate and join here

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