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Friends & Lovers

Opens: Jan. 17, 5-7pm

Jan 17 - Feb. 1, 2020

Curator: Tee Kundu

(Second Floor Gallery)


If love is a feeling and care is an action, they are always engaged in conversation. As we navigate our lives, these conversations become increasingly important in shaping our stories. Drawing on personal lived experiences as archival  knowledge of histories and possible futures, our identities are forged through our relationships with one another. Friends & Lovers explores the ways in which care, vulnerability & intimacy contribute to our sense of community. Who are you in love with? And how?

Photo by: Scott Lee

Margaret Anglin.jpg
Quilted Histories

Quilts from Margaret Anglin

Opens: Jan. 18, 1-4pm

Jan 18 - Feb. 1, 2020

(Main Floor Gallery)

Please join the children of Margaret Anglin for the opening of Quilted Histories, an exhibit celebrating Margaret's life and work. Margaret was an extremely skilled, innovative 

and prolific quiltmaker, who adapted the traditional media and techniques of quiltmaking to tell her life story. On September 4th 2019, Margaret lost her courageous battle with cancer, and these quilts remain as treasured family heirlooms and an artistic legacy. Together, her quilts form a kind of chronicle, set down in collage-like quilts that weave together the objects, animals, books, people, places and ideas that shaped her family's stories. A selection of

her quilts will be exhibited in Quilted Histories, and a handmade zine featuring photos and stories will be available to attendees.

Exhibit Example Woven Rep Weave.jpg
fibre paths

KW Weavers & Spinners

Opens: Feb. 7, 5-7pm

Feb. 7 - Feb. 29, 2020

Every life path is unique and intertwined. Each journey is personal and layered. In Fibre Paths, memories, traditions and personal narratives are brought to life through fibre art. The threads of our stories lead us through colour, shape and texture to arrive at a finished work that is woven and spun into meaning and form. We invite you to witness our journeys.

2019_13_5_Painting of the ally behind th
out & about

Robert Murray

Opens: Mar. 6, 5-7pm

Mar. 6 - Mar. 21, 2020

From his quiet spot amongst the shadows, Robert Murray 

captures the light. Robert's career has  followed a path 

through multiple artistic expressions including 

architectural and technical illustration, award winning graphic design and  illustration. His paintings are 

inspired by the impressionist movement, capturing  his 

fondness for light and shadow.

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