Volunteers help everything run smoothly at Button Factory Arts.   We are always looking for talented people to help out.  If you have skills in any of the following areas and some time to spare, we'd love to hear from you.

Art Installation

Do you know how to set up a show?  Are you a pro at handling works of art at precarious heights? 


Do you enjoy taking photographs?  Are you willing to come out and take some photographs at our events?  Are you organized enough to send us the photographs a day or two after the event?


Is sitting at a desk, making and taking phone calls, greeting visitors, and helping people with their purchases your kind of thing?  We need someone who could volunteer regularly even if it is one morning a week.

Event Planning

Do you like planning and managing all aspects of an event?  Is sending out invitations, organizing everyone from caterers to volunteers, and creating a theme your favorite thing to do?  We need someone who is interested in planning and running an event or three.

Occasional Volunteer

Are you interested in showing up to help for specific tasks?  Moving chairs before an event, bagging tulips, operating the button machine, making sure the cracker tray is full, cleaning up after an event, and that sort of thing? 

Board of Directors

Do you understand the under the covers workings of a not-for-profit organization?  Do you want to help the organization achieve its strategic goals?

Volunteer Form